5 Radical Ways to Practice Self-Care

Self-care has become a buzzword, a word we hear so often that we forget what it actually means. To practice self-care is to ensure that you are truly caring properly for yourself in order to allow yourself to be your best self. It is essentially, a contract with yourself, for yourself, to be your best self. This list below describes some of the easiest ways to practice self-care and implement it into your daily routine.


Be kind to yourself!

Sometimes we can be so mean to ourselves and think only about our inadequacies, as opposed to our abundance. Always ask yourself this: If I said this to a friend, would we still be friends? Don’t speak to yourself or treat yourself in a way that you wouldn’t treat a stranger. You are with yourself from the day that you are born until the day you leave this Earth. Therefore, love, respect + honor yourself and your experiences in the same manner that you would if you were someone else.


Congratulate yourself on something positive you’ve done!

Whether it’s drinking enough water each week or simply making your bed every day, you should congratulate yourself on the small wins that you accomplish each day or each week. We often get into the mindset that our accomplishments must be tremendous and life-altering each day or else they’re meaningless; however, in order to achieve those life-altering accomplishments – there are small accomplishments that occur along the way.


Affirm yourself!

Be your biggest fan! When you speak goodness over yourself, there’s an almost instant shift in how you feel. Affirmations allow gratitude and positivity to enter your daily routine and spark change within yourself. Stare into your mirror each day and say something like “I am beautiful. I am loved wholly and completely. I have all the tools needed for my success. I am worthy of all success that is mine.”   


Do something for yourself!

Far too often, we find ourselves giving to others without replenishing ourselves and ensuring that we are taken care of. Be selfish! Each week or each day, do something that your future self will appreciate. Whether it is something as simple as meal-prepping to ensure that you are fueling your body and feeding your soul or something as drastic as leaving a toxic friendship or relationship – give your future self a gift! She deserves it! 

Pause| Reflect| Say Thank-You!

Life often comes at us quickly and relentlessly which can leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed. However, take a few minutes each day to pause, reflect, and say thank-you! The first step is to pause and check in with yourself – “how am I feeling right now?” Then you want to set alarms for yourself throughout the day and allow yourself the time to check-in with yourself and reflect. Reflect on how you’re feeling and what you’re feeling, and follow up with how you can either change how you’re feeling or ensure that your feelings can remain. After this, practice gratitude. Gratitude is the easiest way to bring about change in your life. Gratitude allows you to change your perspective to ensure that you don’t forget the small wins and the beauty in your everyday life.

Even if you decide to utilize one of these techniques, your routine will be transformed and you’ll have a bit of zen in your everyday life….


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