Dorm Room Chic| The Pieces You Need to Go From Drab to Fab!

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Every year, bright-eyed freshmen make their way onto their new campuses, and homes, and face extreme disappointment when their new spaces look nothing like what they expected. Unless they’re one of the lucky few, the dorms will be uniform and small.

Luckily, it doesn’t need to feel that way!

Check our list for ways to maximize space and ideas to transform a dorm room from drab to fab!

Storage Solutions

With any small space, it is important to maximize your space in any and every way that you can! The days of those drab Container Store plastic crates are long gone! From storage ottomans to stacked carts, there are endless options for pieces that couple function with fashion – a huge win!


We’re totally in love with this storage cart and ottoman. You can find them here and here.


Lighting is super important, and those basic, fluorescent overhead lights that seem to appear in every dorm room does the eyes, and décor, no favors! Having a floor lamp, or table lamp, will significantly elevate the ambiance of the room. Touches of gold on the lamp will add a hint of elegance to an otherwise basic room.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 4.49.59 PM

This lamp could be a great addition to a dorm room lacking on the chic aspect.



More than anything else, bedding is the first thing seen when entering a dorm room – so make sure the first impression is the best one! Whether bold prints or minimal designs, you can never go wrong with bedding that makes a statement!

We’re in love with this set, as well as this set!

Area Rugs

As everyone knows, a rug has the ability to tie in all the pieces in a space and creates a nice, cohesive feel that is a must for any chic dorm room! This faux fur rug is a treasure, it gives a luxurious feel to any space.


Wall Art

One of the final ways to transform a room from drab to fab is to use wall art! From intricate tapestries to bold prints – there are unlimited options for finding a piece of art to complement a room’s aesthetic. This print will look great in all spaces!


For more inspiration, visit my Bedroom Re-Do board on Pinterest!

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