Arhaus Dream Living Room Project 

Recently Arhaus reached out to me to be a part of their Dream Living Room project!  I was super excited because the living room is one of my favorite places in my home.  It’s where guests can convene and relax, and where I (unintentionally) always seem to fall asleep.  Because I love to entertain I’m always mindful of what kind of items I add into my living room.  A bar cart is a must, as is a plush rug.  I’m addicted to anything fur so there’s always a touch of it somewhere.   I can’t help it!

It’s always important for me to have a space that consists of items that are “found” and not cookie cutter.  (No Ikea house here!) You guys know I love to shop vintage and Craigslist so my home is filled with a lot of second-hand pieces, however, I rarely ever alter them.  That means if I found it with a scratch, chip, slight break or tear, etc., I keep it the way it is.  I think it adds character and I love that every piece has its own story.  I get so much satisfaction when I see pieces that I’ve acquired from different stores and people come together so harmoniously.  Thus, as excited as I was to be a part of the project, I was also nervous as hell!  I always shop on a budget, so what items would I buy if money weren’t an object?  Guys, I’m even cheap in my imagination!  What exactly would my DREAM living room look like?

When I first started to pull pieces I gravitated toward really upscale items.  Things that would conventionally be considered “luxe” or fancy.  I hated it.  It wasn’t me.  I was looking at it all wrong.  MY dream living room had nothing to do with money.  It was about comfort.  And authenticity.  There’s nothing wrong with dangling chandeliers and sofas you’ll never sit on, but it’s just not for me.

This is how far I got in my first design

And so I created a space that was reminiscent of my own home, with accents that were true to my scavenger roots.  Behold, my dream living room:

I created a gallery wall of artwork that was found and random, with different textures. I love art! The Coachella piece is really what inspired the whole look.  The green color made me think of my newly found appreciation of plants in my space and how I would love to fill my home with more of them.  The trim made me think of natural elements like rattan and wood.  And honestly this room makes me think about Coachella: the Southwestern/boho vibes, the mixing of patterns and prints, the carefreeness of each element.   Plus, everything looks so found, which was so important to me.

It’s clean and open just like I like my spaces to be.  Even the living room of my dreams would have to be open enough for guests to walk around!  I’ve been obsessing over hanging chairs so of course I had to include one in my dream living room.  Also, my living room just doesn’t feel complete without a sectional.  It’s perfect for seating my guests, and for lounging around.  The chaise gets me every time! Plus Arhaus has so many great sectionals to choose from!

I’m happy with how my design turned out, and I’ll definitely be taking some of these elements and putting them in my own home!  Why not make my dream a reality now?


My dream space would look something like this. I’d opt for white walls, but hardwood floors and sunlight are definitely a must for my living room!

Thank you so much Arhaus for allowing me to be a part of your Dream Living Room project!

What would your dream living room look like?

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