TBR Crush: Chic In-Home Libraries

In a world of kindles + audiobooks, it’s hard to believe that people still want to read hardcover or paperback books.  You know, actually flip pages, fold corners + immerse themselves in the words of the author.  Personally I prefer to hold a real book in my hand.  I’m not going to go all Carrie Bradshaw-esque + say that I love the smell, because I don’t.  Maybe it’s because most of my books come from the thrift store or from the basement of my local library where they have their used book store.  Used books stink by the way, but I get them for pennies on the dollar + it’s not like them being used changes the story.  So there.  Shopping for used books is kinda my guilty pleasure.

Before I moved into our new house I had all of my books displayed on an Ikea bookcase in the living room of my condo.  Ok I lied.   I didn’t display them all.  I chose the ones with covers that had pretty colors, patterns, etc. because I’m all about design after all.  Thus, I had boxes full of books tucked in my walk-in closet taking up space for precious shoes or clothes (that I didn’t need). Recently I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a photo of an in-home library and it made me look at them in a totally new way.  Typically you think of a slew of books being placed in a study or office, or maybe some displayed here + there, but not seamlessly incorporated into the design.  Of course I headed to Pinterest for more inspiration + I was so intrigued by the many ways to achieve a chic library in your home.  And it wasn’t just in an office or study!


Living Room

Dining Room





So perfect for a kids room!

For more, visit my Dream Rooms for a Book Lover board on my Pinterest page.

3 thoughts on “TBR Crush: Chic In-Home Libraries

  1. amormas says:

    Omg! That bathroom library has me in awe! I’d love to select a book and then just lay in a warm bath surrounded by bubbles…and possibly read! Lol the ambiance may just be enough😂


  2. Ashley says:

    I love this, especially the bedrooms and bathroom! You know which books I wish I could get my hands on, my grandmother’s old collection of Encyclopedia’s. I remember as a kid grabbing them and reading about random things. I wish I would have taken them from her when she moved to her retirement community. Great post!


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