Recap: Wine Tasting at West Broad 

On March 23 I had the opportunity to host a wine tasting at West Broad.  This newly opened property is FAB!  I was wowed by their community room, which had a connecting sky deck.  Since the property just opened, we hosted a wine tasting for their new residents, and the event served as an open house for prospective residents.  The menu consisted of assorted cheeses, chocolate covered strawberries, berry sangria + wine, of course!

I loved meeting both their new and pending residents + interacting with their wonderful staff.

Check out a few photos from the event:


The property had so many fireplaces, which added to the ambiance of the event.  It was such a cozy + warm vibe!  

It was a time for residents to mingle with their neighbors + check out all the amenities that their new residence had to offer.  

Because it was such a beautiful day, we headed outside to play my custom ‘Small Talk’ game.  This helped residents to get to know each other better with questions ranging from “Where’s the best place to go for happy hour?” + “Where’s the best dry cleaners?”

It was such a pleasure to host the first event at this property + I look forward to returning for more events in the future!

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Recap: Happy Hour at The Encore

On Thursday, March 24 I had the pleasure of hosting a happy hour event for the residents of The Encore.  I had such a good time engaging with the residents over a menu of jerk chicken wings, Asian lettuce wraps, Korean BBQ wontons, chipotle chicken salad on baguettes + vanilla mousse cups.  Our signature cocktails of the evening were my Frozen Berry Lemonade + Strawberry Limeade Cooler.  The evening was filled with giveaways where residents could win money off of their rent + other fun prizes!

I had tons of fun hosting the event at this property + the residents were so interactive!  Check out some photos from the event:

Guests loved my Korean BBQ Wontons!


Vanilla Mousse Cups are always a crowd favorite!


It’s always a good time when the Property Manager joins you to host the event.  Thanks, Yaritza!


Guests loved my custom interactive game, Small Talk.  We had such great discussions!

We had such a great time + I look forward to hosting another event at The Encore in the future!

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Recap: St. Patrick’s Day Happy Hour at The Maxwell

On Thursday I had the opportunity to host a St. Patrick’s Day happy hour event at The Maxwell.  I was looking forward to hosting an event at this property because it is just so fabulous!  The lobby is so stylish and modern + their amenities are great for residents.  Plus, they’re conveniently located in Arlington, VA.

Residents had the opportunity to celebrate the holiday with us by sipping on my signature Shamrock Punch + menu of delicious desserts that included Leprechaun Trifles, Guinness Brownie Bites + Pot o’ Gold Cookie Cups.  We played my custom ‘Small Talk’ game + shared lots of laughs.  It was a great night!

Check out photos from the event:


The property had a contest where residents could win a prize for the best St. Patrick’s Day costume.  KJ the pregnant Leprechaun provided lots of laughs!

Guests loved the signature drink of the evening, which was my tasty Shamrock Punch!


 Layers of tinted cheesecake mousse, whipped cream + Oreo crumbles.  Yummy!   Brownie bites made with Guinness beer.

My Pot o’ Gold cookie cups were so fitting for the holiday!

I had such a great time interacting with residents + look forward to hosting more happy hour events at the Maxwell in the future!

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Recap: Happy Hour at The George

On February 25 I had the pleasure of hosting a Happy Hour at Home event at The George.  This Wheaton, MD apartment home makes you feel like you’ve entered into a stylish boutique hotel with its hot pink entrance and modern decor.  The penthouse community room follows this motif with its modern design and layout.  It’s so cute up there!

The event was a cocktail party for residents that renewed their lease.  We ate a delicious menu of appetizers such as Korean BBQ Wontons, Chipotle Chicken Salad on Baguettes, Caprese Salad Bites + Vanilla Mousse Cups.  Our signature cocktail of the evening was my popular Frozen Berry Lemonade.  The residents loved it all!

Here are some photos from the event:



Playing my custom ‘Small Talk’ game w/ the residents



Residents engaging with one another


Meeting with residents


The wonderful staff at The George



Sharing laughs w/ guests!

I had a great time + look forward to hosting another event at The George in the future!

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Recap: Happy Hour at The Heritage

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to host a Happy Hour at Home event at The Heritage at Silver Spring apartments. I love being social, so being able to host happy hour events is literally my dream job!

For the event we decided on a menu of jerk chicken wings, strawberry shortcake + double chocolate cupcakes, and vanilla mousse cups.  Our signature cocktail was a Frozen Berry Lemonade.  Yummy!

The crowd was awesome!  We played my custom ‘Small Talk’ game + the residents were so interactive.  One of the guests even reenacted a story from his childhood, complete with pulling other guests from the crowd to play different characters.  I loved it!


I love getting residents interacting with one another! Could you believe that they all came in as strangers?


Posing with Bryan, The Heritage’s Property Manager



Xfinity was on site giving raffle gifts to guests!  They gave away gift cards, backpacks + more!


Did I mention that they also have a theater room?  How fun!


I had such a good time meeting their residents + hosting my signature event!

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Recap: Valentine’s Happy Hour at Arcadia Run

February has been filled with Happy Hour at Home events + I’m thrilled!  I recently had a Valentine’s Happy Hour at Arcadia Run apartments, located in Manassas, VA.  Just a week before I hosted their Super Bowl party + was excited to be asked back to spread some Valentine’s Day cheer!

First, let me say that Arcadia Run is a fab property.  Their community room is well designed, relaxing + stylish at the same time.  Plus, they have a bar area, so it was the perfect setting for a happy hour!  The property also has a theater room, fitness center, and an amazing pool.



Because it was a Valentine’s Day event we kept to a menu of desserts, which included Strawberry Shortcake Trifles, Vanilla Mousse Tarts, as well as Strawberry Cheesecake + Double Chocolate cupcakes.  Our signature drink was called ‘Love Potion,’ which guests enjoyed.IMG_1238



Hosting Duties


Playing my signature ‘Small Talk’ Game



Ready to greet residents!


IMG_1131FullSizeRender (27)

I had so much fun meeting the residents of Arcadia Run for an evening of cocktails, desserts + relationship talk!

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Date Night: 7 At-Home Date Ideas

Last night I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to join me for a dinner date.  Naturally, his next question was, “Where?”  My response? The house.  It’s so easy to leave out + go to a restaurant, but sometimes you can create an equally romantic experience in the house.  It’s more intimate + a time to reconnect with your partner.  And it saves money!  Dining out can get expensive, especially in DC!  Implement a ‘no phone’ rule during your date so that you have your partner’s undivided attention.  After dinner we decided that we needed to date each other at home more often.  Thus, I’m sharing 7 ways that you can have a romantic date night right at home.

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Recap: Beyonce Dance Class

This past Saturday I hosted a Beyonce dance class, which was held at District Groove.  District Groove holds Hip Hop Party Moves, Bollywood and Beyonce style dance classes for beginner + intermediate dancers.  I had sooo much fun meeting some new ladies + learning choreography to Beyonce’s 7/11 video!  Let me tell you, after the class I had a newfound respect for Beyonce + her dance routines.  Moves that look so simple are way more difficult than I thought!  I’m so uncoordinated, so getting down the routine was a little challenging, but Amina, the dance instructor at District Groove, took her time + made sure that that all of us were learning the steps.  She added humor to the class with an “I Know You Care” off + playful jokes as a we learned the routine.


It Works! was on site showing attendees their body wraps + body supplements.  We spent the afternoon dancing, laughing + getting acquainted with one another!


We were supposed to do our best Beyonce pose!  I’m supposed to be holding cups a la the 7/11 video lol

I had a blast + can’t wait to host another class with District Groove!  If you’re in the area, sign up for their 4-week Beyonce dance class course, with classes on Tuesday + Wednesday.  Classes start this week!

Craigslist Find of the Day: CB2 Formosa Tray Table


I just love CB2!  Finding their pieces for a steal is even better!

Spotted this tray table on Craigslist for half off the retail price.  It would make a great side table, or as a bar tray.  You could easily put glasses or bottles on top.

Want my find or looking for a piece for your home, office or event?  Email me at for details!

Recipe: Easy Breakfast Bake

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not big on breakfast.  However, this year I’m trying to get better about getting in the first meal of the day.  The other day I whipped up this easy breakfast bake that I had to share!

I must say that I didn’t have any shredded cheese in the house (and I was not venturing out in the snow), so I used some ricotta cheese that I had in the refrigerator.  It was sooo good!  If you’d rather use shredded cheddar cheese, feel free to substitute it in.

– 5 eggs
– 1/4 cup almond milk
– 8 oz frozen diced hash brown potatoes
– 5 turkey bacon strips
– 4 chicken Apple sausage links
– 1/2 cup ricotta cheese

1) Add 2 tsp of oil in a skillet pan + cook diced hash browns, as directed. Set aside.
2) Cook turkey bacon + chicken Apple sausage until done.  Cool, then chop turkey bacon + sausage into small pieces.
3) Whisk 5 eggs + almond milk in a bowl.
4) Grab a baking dish + spray with olive oil or grease bottom.  Spread diced hash browns to cover the bottom of the dish.
5) Pour egg mixture over the hash browns + add breakfast meat on top (spreading over the entire pan).
6) Use a spoon (or your hands) to take clumps of the ricotta cheese + spread over dish.
7) Set oven to 350 degrees + bake for 20-25 minutes.

breakfast bake 2

The finished product!

breakfast bake

A slice of my easy breakfast bake.