Easy Green Recipes!

This year has been filled with so many new ventures!  I’ve always had a love for cooking + I love sharing recipes, so I was uber excited when Lakeside Apartments reached out to me to host their resident cooking classes.  Every month I meet with a group of residents to show them recipes that they can easily recreate at home.  I love fancy dishes when I go out, but when I’m home I tend to make meals that can be done in about 30 minutes or less.  I want to eat fast + hate waiting!  I knew I wanted to bring this same approach to my classes.

Last month we kicked off with a class on ‘Game Day’ appetizers.  I showed residents how to make my ‘Slam Dunk’ sliders, loaded nacho bites + yummy 3-point popcorn!

Holding my loaded nacho bites

‘Slam Dunk’ sliders

3-point popcorn

The class went awesome despite the stovetop not working + the backup induction burner not working either.  Such a comedy of errors! Lol Good thing I thought quick on my feet + was able to make my sliders + filling for the nacho bites in the oven.  There’s a first for everything.  Gotta know how to roll with the punches!

However, we worked the kinks out by this month’s class!  April’s theme was ‘Go Green’ so I focused on recipes that were healthy + could incorporate fresh ingredients from the property’s garden.

The property manager really wanted me to make different types of zoodles (noodles made with veggies), so the menu consisted of Sesame Zoodles, Butternut Squash Noodles w/ Sage Brown Butter + easy homemade salad dressings (Greek + Italian).  

Zoodles are really easy to make using a spiralizer.  Mine has different size blades which makes it easy to make “noodles” out of a ton of different veggies.  

Sesame zoodles (left) Butternut squash noodles w/ sage brown butter (right)

I have to be honest, spiralizing butternut squash is a PAIN!  In case you want to try the recipe, you are forewarned that your arms (and hands) may be sore.  I’m not kidding!

My attendees had a great time + I love getting them excited about cooking, without intimidating them with difficult recipes.  They all had plans of recreating these meals at home.  Just what I like to hear!

This post was a little long since I missed the recap last month, but I promise next month’s recap won’t be such a novel.  I told you guys to bear with me while I get back into the blogging groove! 

Stay tuned for more of my cooking class adventures!


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