Air Fryer Meals: Homemade Chicken Tenders

By now I’m sure you’ve read about my love for my Avalon Bay AB-Air Fryer100WIt makes all of my favorites using NO OIL!  I love the versatility that it offers me when making lunch or dinner.

Last night my boyfriend wanted a quick meal to eat + I only had a limited number of groceries in my freezer/refrigerator.  I had some chicken tenderloins so I decided to make homemade chicken tenders.

Here’s the quick + easy recipe:


+ 1 lb raw chicken tenderloins

+ 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs

+ 1 egg


1) Season chicken tenderloins with the seasonings of your choice.  I used adobo, garlic + black pepper.

2) Dip chicken tenderloins (one by one)  in egg + coat both sides.

3) Roll each chicken tenderloin in panko bread crumbs.  Coat evenly.

4) Spray a little olive oil spray at the bottom of the air fryer pan + lay 6-7 tenderloins on the tray.

5) Set your air fryer to 392° + cook for 20 minutes.

6) Choose dipping sauces + enjoy!

Here’s the finished product:


Don’t have an air fryer?  Take this easy Homemade Chicken Tender recipe + make it in your oven or deep fryer!


27 thoughts on “Air Fryer Meals: Homemade Chicken Tenders

  1. Judy says:

    Why does mine turn out black in places and totally not browned anywhere else? I just got my air fryer and so far my experiments haven’t been going well. I used a flour and bread crumb combination.


    • -R says:

      Do you have the Avalon Bay air fryer? Also, my recipe uses panko crumbs. I tend not to use flour in the air fryer because it doesn’t cook as well to me.


  2. Veeden says:

    Just bought one this week and so far have done fries and frozen fish which tasted delicious. Tried chicken breast using flour and egg batter, I didn’t care for it but the wings without any batter were good. Will try doing it your way and see how it turns out.


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