Recap: Happy Hour at The Encore

On Thursday, March 24 I had the pleasure of hosting a happy hour event for the residents of The Encore.  I had such a good time engaging with the residents over a menu of jerk chicken wings, Asian lettuce wraps, Korean BBQ wontons, chipotle chicken salad on baguettes + vanilla mousse cups.  Our signature cocktails of the evening were my Frozen Berry Lemonade + Strawberry Limeade Cooler.  The evening was filled with giveaways where residents could win money off of their rent + other fun prizes!

I had tons of fun hosting the event at this property + the residents were so interactive!  Check out some photos from the event:

Guests loved my Korean BBQ Wontons!


Vanilla Mousse Cups are always a crowd favorite!


It’s always a good time when the Property Manager joins you to host the event.  Thanks, Yaritza!


Guests loved my custom interactive game, Small Talk.  We had such great discussions!

We had such a great time + I look forward to hosting another event at The Encore in the future!

Interested in booking your own happy hour event?  Email for details!


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