Recap: Happy Hour at The Heritage

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to host a Happy Hour at Home event at The Heritage at Silver Spring apartments. I love being social, so being able to host happy hour events is literally my dream job!

For the event we decided on a menu of jerk chicken wings, strawberry shortcake + double chocolate cupcakes, and vanilla mousse cups.  Our signature cocktail was a Frozen Berry Lemonade.  Yummy!

The crowd was awesome!  We played my custom ‘Small Talk’ game + the residents were so interactive.  One of the guests even reenacted a story from his childhood, complete with pulling other guests from the crowd to play different characters.  I loved it!


I love getting residents interacting with one another! Could you believe that they all came in as strangers?


Posing with Bryan, The Heritage’s Property Manager



Xfinity was on site giving raffle gifts to guests!  They gave away gift cards, backpacks + more!


Did I mention that they also have a theater room?  How fun!


I had such a good time meeting their residents + hosting my signature event!

Interested in booking your own happy hour at home event?  Email me at for details!


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