Date Night: 7 At-Home Date Ideas

Last night I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to join me for a dinner date.  Naturally, his next question was, “Where?”  My response? The house.  It’s so easy to leave out + go to a restaurant, but sometimes you can create an equally romantic experience in the house.  It’s more intimate + a time to reconnect with your partner.  And it saves money!  Dining out can get expensive, especially in DC!  Implement a ‘no phone’ rule during your date so that you have your partner’s undivided attention.  After dinner we decided that we needed to date each other at home more often.  Thus, I’m sharing 7 ways that you can have a romantic date night right at home.

1.  Intimate Dinner Date:

table scape

image via Pinterest

Intimate dinners are easy to create at home.  To transform your dining room table into a beautiful tablescape, dress your table with flowers, candles and wine glasses.  Add a tablecloth, mats, real silverware (no plastic) and set the table with plates, bowls + table napkins.  Spice up the evening by preparing dinner at home using ingredients in your freezer, refrigerator and cabinets.  Try out a new recipe or opt for take out.  As long as it’s plated nicely, your partner will appreciate the gesture.


image via Pinterest

Don’t have a dining room table?  Use your coffee table to create a dinner table-like feel.


image via Pinterest

2.  Cooking Date:


image via Good Housekeeping

Make your at-home date interactive by cooking together in the kitchen.  Look up recipes on Pinterest or AllRecipes + select a dish to prepare.  Split up responsibilities such as chopping, measuring or seasoning the food.  It’s a great way to add some spice in + out of the kitchen.  Plus, if your partner never cooks, it’s a great way to get them involved.


image via Pinterest

3.  Backyard/Outdoor Date:


image via Pinterest

Make use of your space + good weather by taking your date outside.  Set up an intimate dinner outside using candles to create a romantic atmosphere.  If you don’t have a backyard, you can have dinner outside on your balcony or patio.


image via Pinterest

Have a fire pit?  Create a romantic setting by lighting it + sitting next to the fire.  Bring a bottle of wine with you outside, along with chocolate, sweets or desserts.  Or make s’mores in the fire pit.  I’m sure things will heat up quickly.


image via Pinterest

4.  Movie Night Date:


image via Pinterest

Pick up a movie from the Redbox or scan Netflix, Amazon Prime or On-Demand for a flick.  Head to the grocery store to pick up popcorn + your favorite movie candy.


image via Pinterest

Instead of sitting on the couch, create a little at-home theater.  Turn off the lights and layer comforters/blankets on the floor with pillows to make a comfortable place to sit.  Since you’re at home, mix up a cocktail or get a nice bottle of wine for you both to enjoy.

5.  Picnic Date: 


image via Pinterest

Skip the dining room table + use the floor to create a picnic at home.  Lay down a blanket + create a spread of small bites to eat.  Dress your blanket with flowers (or petals), an ice bucket to chill wine or champagne in + tea light candles to set the mood.  Opt for foods that you can feed to your partner such as strawberries to dip in a chocolate sauce, grapes or other sensual bites.

6.  Game Night Date:


It’s always fun to play games at home with your partner!  Pull out childhood favorites such as Uno, Monopoly, Life, Sorry, or traditional playing cards.  Choose your favorite game + play for shots, or dares.  Or opt for adult games to get your partner in the mood.

7.  Spa Date:


image via Pinterest

You don’t have to go to the spa to pamper your mate.  Be each other’s masseuse + give sensual back, shoulder, foot or hand massages to one another.  You can also draw a warm bath + add petals in the water to bathe with your partner.  If you’re good at doing manicures, give your partner a manicure.  Or you can give each other facials using household ingredients such as brown sugar, olive oil, milk + more.  The key is to create a relaxing + zen environment for you + your partner.


image via Pinterest

Try these 7 easy ideas today!  You can also implement one of these ideas for Valentine’s Day!


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