Recap: Beyonce Dance Class

This past Saturday I hosted a Beyonce dance class, which was held at District Groove.  District Groove holds Hip Hop Party Moves, Bollywood and Beyonce style dance classes for beginner + intermediate dancers.  I had sooo much fun meeting some new ladies + learning choreography to Beyonce’s 7/11 video!  Let me tell you, after the class I had a newfound respect for Beyonce + her dance routines.  Moves that look so simple are way more difficult than I thought!  I’m so uncoordinated, so getting down the routine was a little challenging, but Amina, the dance instructor at District Groove, took her time + made sure that that all of us were learning the steps.  She added humor to the class with an “I Know You Care” off + playful jokes as a we learned the routine.


It Works! was on site showing attendees their body wraps + body supplements.  We spent the afternoon dancing, laughing + getting acquainted with one another!


We were supposed to do our best Beyonce pose!  I’m supposed to be holding cups a la the 7/11 video lol

I had a blast + can’t wait to host another class with District Groove!  If you’re in the area, sign up for their 4-week Beyonce dance class course, with classes on Tuesday + Wednesday.  Classes start this week!


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