Homes I Love: Joshua Kissi’s NYC Apartment

I’m one of those people that loves getting invited to someone’s home just so I can see their decor.  Home furnishings tell a lot about a person: their taste, travels, eye for design, cleanliness + more.  Plus, I feel like a home is the most intimate space for an individual.  It’s where you lay your head at night, where you go in your moments of solace + it’s your personal headquarters.  Inviting you into my home is really inviting you to get to know another layer of me.  My home is my haven.

However, I love having the ability to be invited into other people’s homes virtually.  (Thanks, internet!)

Yesterday I stumbled across a home that I fell in love with.  I’m such a fan of spaces that show a person’s personality, and that an individual really puts thought into.  Specifically, how the space will be used, functionality of the furniture, incorporating “found” pieces, meaning that furniture comes from multiple places (thrift store, Craigslist, Goodwill, estate sale, furniture store, street corner, etc.), and an overarching theme for the space.  So, you could imagine my excitement when Apartment Therapy featured the Brooklyn, NY home of Joshua Kissi, Co-founder of Street Etiquette.  I followed Street Etiquette back when it was a blog, and have watched it grow into a creative agency that tells its story through compelling visual images.  His space functions as more than a home —it is a meeting place, photography studio, and informal art gallery all at once.  Being of Ghanian-American decent, you definitely see those cultural influences in his home.


image via Apartment Therapy

The stark white fireplace becomes a focal point for the room, with portraits taken by Kissi above the mantel.  The flag above the fireplace symbolized Black Ivy, an editorial the brand produced, which celebrates the modern Black intellectual and creative through apparel and personal effects.  The pile of books almost becomes a part of the decor.  Who doesn’t admire a man who loves to read?


image via Apartment Therapy

The custom couch was a Craigslist find!  Above it are more images taken by Kissi for the Black Ivy editorial.


image via Apartment Therapy

My favorite detail is the bar counter that he has on the wall.  Kissi snagged the counter from Craigslist and customized it by painting it black + adding lucite legs.  It’s almost as though it’s floating.


image via Apartment Therapy

The assortment of jars above the kitchen cabinets adds a nice effect to the small, modern cooking space.


image via Apartment Therapy

Floating shelves hold his grooming essentials, while a self portrait sits strategically on the floor.


image via Apartment Therapy

A second bedroom serves as a photography studio.


image via Apartment Therapy

I have a plant in my bathroom so I was intrigued to see that someone else included flora in their bathroom, as well.

I just love how personal his apartment feels. A testament that men can have fabulous homes too!

Want to see more pictures of his space?  Get the full tour here.


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