Restaurant Review: Nage DC

My boyfriend loves breakfast.  Me, not so much, but I can never resist a good brunch.  Mainly because of the bottomless mimosas–if you follow me on Instagram you know I love cocktails!  This past weekend we wanted to try a new place for brunch, but didn’t want to break the bank. Thus, we went on Travel Zoo to see what deals they had.  We spotted a brunch deal for 2 at Nage DC , which included two entrees + two bottomless mimosas for $39.  We were sold!


The restaurant was located inside the Courtyard Marriott hotel in Scott Circle in Washington, DC.

When we first walked in I really liked the decor.  It was simple, yet relaxing, with the wood panels on the walls + a splash of exposed brick.  They had a bit of green moss, which they used as wall decor + it played off nicely with the wood.  The pendant lighting also added a nice touch + it felt like we were in a quaint oasis.


When we arrived we were seated in a booth, but decided to move to the bar instead.  The voucher mentioned bottomless mimosas, but what they didn’t mention was that you had several flavors to choose from!  Flavors included blood orange, raspberry, blueberry, and original (orange).  You could also opt to get bottomless Bloody Mary’s as well, if that’s your thing.  Of course I tried all of the flavors while there!



The blood orange mimosas were delicious!

I ordered the Short Rib Hash, which was served in a small cast iron skillet with potatoes, tender short rib, horseradish sauce + topped with sunny side up eggs.  It was very hearty, but tasted great!  My boyfriend got the Chicken + Waffles, which was one waffle with buttermilk fried chicken tenders.  He’s not a fan of chicken with bones so he really liked the fact that they used tenders instead of wings or breasts.  They served the chicken + waffles with hot pepper maple syrup, which was tasty.

*Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the food we had, but I snagged a few online to show you some of their options.*

tzoo.51941.0.383219.NageDC (1)

The favorite dish seemed to be the Kill It Skillet which was hearty blend of mac n’ cheese, chorizo, truffle frites, bacon + a sunny side up egg.  That sounds like so much food!  The couple sitting next to us were looooving this dish, and I can take it from all the pics I found of this dish online that it’s the crowd favorite.  I will definitely try this next time.


The other couple next to us ordered the Red Velvet Pancakes, which was served with spiced orange maple syrup + topped with whipped cream.  The waffles didn’t include any eggs or meat, but you could order them off the menu.  In my opinion, I feel like it should’ve came with at least one side to make it worth it.

tzoo.51941.0.383223.NageDC (1)

As much as I enjoyed the flavored mimosas + dishes, the service left much to be desired.  The restaurant wasn’t too packed while we were there, but we often had to keep trying to get our server’s attention + we were sitting at the bar!  There were only 3 servers in the restaurant + they all seemed to be running around with chickens with their head cut off.  I would hate to see what it’s like when it’s crowded!  Our voucher said unlimited mimosas, but it almost felt like we were bothering them when we asked for refills.  At one point I’m pretty sure the server gave my boyfriend a side eye for wanting another blueberry mimosas.

Here’s the worst part: Even though they are located in a Marriott hotel, they didn’t have the technology to scan the barcode for our deal!  This meant that we had to get up from the bar, go to the hotel lobby, log into the computer, go online, pull up our voucher then print + hand it to our server.  How inconvenient!

Overall, we had a good time.  We were able to meet some new friends at the bar + our meals were great.  Let’s just hope that they were having a bad service day.  I’d certainly go back to try the Kill It Skillet!


My boyfriend + I at the bar.

Want to experience Nage DC for yourself?  Snag the deal here.


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