Budget Finds: Dollar Tree Haul

There’s nothing better than going to a bargain store + spotting amazing finds!  Just like lightening, it rarely strikes twice, so you have to savor those moments when you get them!

The other day I went into my local Dollar Tree to pick up dish detergent + decided to browse around to see what they had new in stock.  It’s the holiday season so this is generally the best time to head to Dollar Tree, the thrift store, etc. for fab finds.  They usually stock up for the impending shopping rush, and I wanted to capitalize on it.  I was so shocked by all the the amazing pieces that they had in the store.  So much so that I had to share my haul with you all!


Since I’ve recently expanded my Happy Hour at Home service, I’m always on the hunt for pieces that I can use for my events.  These scoops would be perfect for a candy bar!



These votives definitely don’t look like they came from the $1 store.  They can easily be added to your decor + people may even mistake them for Home Goods pieces.


My boyfriend got us selfie sticks at Five Below, but could’ve saved even more money by getting them from Dollar Tree.  They had an array of colors to suit anyone’s style.  Now you too can get in on the trend for $1!


I’ve been looking to invest in dessert glasses + I spotted these.  They’re absolutely perfect + cheaper than what I was going to spend on Amazon.


FullSizeRender (22)

How cute are these ombre + chalkboard mason jars?


Dollar Tree was getting a little fancy with these gold-rimmed wine glasses!


You all know that I’m all about home decor, but I was super excited about their assortment of candy-flavored candles!  The Starburst ‘Pina Colada’ flavor smelled delicious!





They even had all of the Skittles flavors to choose from.  Now your house can smell like all your favorite candies.

Lastly, as a comparison, I took the chalkboard mason jars I found at Dollar Tree + compared them to a similar offering on Amazon.

FullSizeRender (20)

Dollar Tree- 4 jars for $4

FullSizeRender (21)

Amazon- 4 jars for $14

That’s more than 3x the savings by shopping at Dollar Tree!

Have you ever had a good Dollar Tree haul day?  Share your experience below!


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