Design on a Dime: Craigslist Living Room Inspiration

It’s no secret that I love Craigslist!  I’ve redecorated my home twice using only Craigslist finds.  I try to give my readers a glimpse into the amazing deals I come across with my ‘Craigslist Find of the Day’ posts.  Today, I decided to show how I put looks together using pieces that I scout from my go-to resource.  I created a whole look using Ikea pieces as inspiration, because everyone always heads there first when thinking of decorating.  It’s definitely the cookie-cutter option for those that don’t want to think of the hassle of home design.  BUT, even as “cheap” as Ikea is, I’m showing you how to save almost $400 off retail prices if you bought the same items from Craigslist!


Craigslist Living Room Inspiration

Ikea Bjursta table + 2 Henriksdal stools – $95

Ikea Bygel bar cart- $55

Ikea Koldby cowhide rug- $150

Ikea Klobo loveseat- $60

Ikea Vittsjo coffee table- $35

Total: $395

Get a whole living room look for less than $400!  Use the extra savings for accent pieces to spruce up your home!

Check back regularly for more design inspiration.


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