Steal My Look: White + Gold Bar Carts

I get so many questions asking me where I found items in my home, but since I’m such a bargain shopper it’s hard to find the exact duplicate…until now.

I snagged these 2 bar carts from a Craigslist seller back in June for only $40!  I really wasn’t in the market for them, but couldn’t pass on the great deal.  Plus, months later, bar carts became such a huge trend.

Again, since I didn’t really need a bar cart, it’s been tricky placing it in my home.  Not to mention, I have TWO that need placing!  Thank God for huge walk-in closets.

The top drawer offers great storage for bar items such as stirrers, rimmers, spoons, tongs, etc.

  I started my ‘Happy Hour at Home’ series back in April + I think these will work as a great presentation piece for those events.

  Plus, they’re so stylish!  The white + gold makes them look so chic in my space.    The good news is that I found an identical bar cart on Craigslist today for only $20 from another seller!

 Here’s your chance to get the same great deal as me!

  Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice?

Want to steal my look?  Get it here.


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