TBR Interview: Meet The Vintage Vogue

I’m so happy to start bringing more interviews to the blog.  I just love highlighting local creatives!

When the thought of adding interviews to the blog came to mind, I instantly thought of featuring the vintage vogue.  The brand offers handmade pillows, coasters, trays, wallpaper + more!  The pieces are a vintage-meets-modern of sorts, and they have such a minimal feel.  I just love how each piece is perfectly staged + you really get a feel for the brand’s aesthetic. Plus, it’s based out of Baltimore (about 45 minutes from DC), and who doesn’t love finding a local gem?

Therefore, I’m so excited to share my one-on-one interview with Charlotte, the artist behind the vintage vogue!

TBR: Where are you from?

Charlotte: I was born in Queens NY, raised in Florida + Arizona, but now call Baltimore, MD home.

TBR: Tell me a little about The Vintage Vogue (how and when did you get into the business)? 

Charlotte: My business was, and even continues to be, something of an experiment. The vintage vogue began as a freelance interior design project, with the name being a reflection of my love of an old-meets-new aesthetic. I worked on the vintage vogue while also working at a busy architecture firm. About three years ago my desire shifted back toward this innate desire to create, to make, and to find a way to be based at home to focus on my family.

TBR: Do you have any design background?  Did you study design in college?

Charlotte: I received a Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Interior Architecture and Design. I don’t work on interior projects too much these days, but the programs, methods, and love of space has stayed with me ever since my college days.

TBR: How would you describe your design style(s)?

Charlotte: Soft, modern, and natural are all words I would use to describe my aesthetic. I use color sparingly. I tend to favor a “less is more” style in my designs as well as a way of life.

TBR: What are your inspirations?

Charlotte: I’m inspired by the beauty of simplicity. While I work with a variety of mediums, I have a keen interest in form, the play of positive and negative space, scale and texture.

TBR: What is the most interesting part of your job?

Charlotte: There is nothing like having an idea in my head that translates into something physical, tangible. The icing on the cake is when someone you’ve never met connects with what you’ve made in such a way that they’re willing to spend their hard earned money on it. Making things that people aesthetically respond to feels amazing.

TBR: What was the most interesting piece that you’ve sold?

Charlotte: I’m pretty over-the-top excited about the wallpaper I just released. It’s on a thick, beautiful, creamy-clay coated paper with a metallic gold hand screen-printed design. It’s the very first of wallpaper’s I’m working on, but surely not the last.


hallelujah wallpaper

TBR: What is your favorite piece on your site?  What is your dream piece to create?

Charlotte: Can I gush about the wallpaper again? No really, I love to try different things and am really into the alpaca display dishes. They are subtle but have a beautiful texture, and I love that the alpaca fibers come from local alpaca farms.

TBR: On average, how long does it take you to create a piece?

Charlotte: From the date an order is placed to it being shipped and out the door is usually 3-4 business days.

TBR: What are you currently working on?  Any upcoming events?

Charlotte: I’ve got a few pop-up shops coming up this holiday season. One of the events I’m really looking forward to is a collaboration with Madewell at Harbor East in Baltimore on December 10th. There will be so much awesome stuff happening (good people, good food, sweet fashion) in the store and I’ll be there with some of my goodies in tow.

Charlotte: Touch the Sky by Hillsong UNITED

TBR: Do you have a favorite quote?

Charlotte: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

TBR: Tell me something that not many people know about you (i.e. embarrassing moments, favorite food, silly obsessions)?

Charlotte: I enjoy doing strange dances in really odd clothes around my house, playfully threatening my kids that one day I’m going to pick them up and recreate the performance (hehehe).

TBR: Where can my readers find out more about The Vintage Vogue?

Charlotte: Following my @thevintagevogue instagram is where it’s all going down 🙂

You can also visit the site at www.vintagevogue.com to shop or head to West Elm!

Special thank you to Charlotte for allowing me to feature her amazing brand on TBR!


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