The Look for Less: Z Gallerie Eliza Headboard

image1 (5)

I love the feeling I get when I’m able to snag an item for less than the asking price.  The next best feeling is finding a knock-off item that has the same look + quality as a high-end piece.


Image via Z Gallerie

As you know by now, I love headboards!  I spotted this Z Gallerie ‘Eliza’ headboard in the LA listings on Craigslist, but knew that I saw something similar on Amazon for much less.

amazon headboard

The gray ‘Sovereign Queen Fabric Heaboard’ by LexMod is a perfect dupe to Z Gallerie’s piece, which retails for $499.  It is the same style, same fabric + same lux design for less than half the price!  Plus, it comes in different color options to suit your bedroom needs.

In the market for a headboard?  Get the Z Gallerie Look for Less!


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