Cheapinista Tip: Invest in Convertible Bags

I swear my favorite pieces are the ones that cost me little to nothing.  This past Saturday I was getting dressed to go to the #getsprinkled event, which I was catering + I found myself staring in my closet for a while.  You know how that is.  You stand in your closet so long hoping that an outfit will just instantly jump out at you, which NEVER happens.

When the fall season arrives + everyone starts pulling out their riding boots, sweaters, etc., I try to incorporate as much color as I can into my wardrobe.  I’m a lover of black pieces at heart, but playing with color is one of my favorite things to do.  Therefore, I grabbed my cobalt blue Adrienne Vitadinni blouse that I snagged at TJ Maxx for only $12, a pair of grey skinnies w/ ripped knees (also from TJ Maxx for $10!), and my new French Connection shoes that I got for a whopping $18 at DSW Shoe Warehouse!  Because every outfit needs a complementary handbag, I scoured my top shelf looking for a bag that would match.  I’m a firm believer that things don’t have to be matchy-matchy, but each piece in your look should definitely flow with one another.

I spotted my citrine green, white + metallic silver bag that I snagged at H&M in Vegas for only $7 + knew that it would perfectly complement my new white + metallic silver heels, while adding a nice pop of color.  The best part about this bag is having 3 different options of how I can wear it:

Option #1: Handbag

Option #2: Crossbody bag

Option #3: Clutch

Convertible bags are awesome because they provide you with multiple ways to wear one piece.  But, instead of opting for plain black, try a pop color!  My $7 investment gives me a plethora of options, because as women we know each outfit requires a different style of bag.  I can easily wear it as a clutch when I’m wearing a more formal/semi-formal look, as a crossbody when I’m going for an on-the-run or casual look, or a handbag when I just want it to sit on my shoulder.

Plus, because of its unique color, I’m able to use it when I want have some fun with my looks.  And, I don’t need too wear as many accessories because it adds just the right pop I need–and I only spent $7!

Here’s my full look at the #getsprinkled event.  Total cost: $47.00!

Sneak peek of my catered goodies:
(mini egg frittatas, whipped cheesecake cups w/ assorted fruit, mini (turkey) BLTs + mini chipotle chicken salad sandwiches)

Guests loved these whipped cheesecake cups + and they’re soooo easy to make!

I have to end off with a pic of my hair, because I love it more and more the older that it gets 🙂

Do you own any convertible bags, or would you invest in one?


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