How To: Revamp Stale Brownies

Yesterday I had a mid-day bake session with one of my girlfriends, because both of us had a craving for something sweet.  I’d like to think that being able to randomly bake in the afternoon is one of the best perks of being an entrepreneur.

We decided to make brownies during our session + after getting wrapped up in a juicy convo, we pulled the brownies out of the oven to find that they were BURNT.  Ok, let me be less dramatic.  They weren’t burnt, but they were definitely overcooked.  No ooey, gooey center.  They were just solid. As a rock.

After laughing at ourselves for the fuck screw up, I instantly went to Google to see what we could do with our brownie brick.  We felt too bad throwing it way!  Waste is haste, after all.

I found 4 delicious options + decided to share on the blog!


This is how we all want our brownies to turn out!  Fudgey w/ a soft + chewy center.  If you forget to set the timer + they don’t, try these 4 easy, delicious options:

  1. Brownie Milkshake


Crumble the brownies up into a blender, add some vanilla ice cream and some milk. Blend it all together to make a Brownie Milkshake.


Or follow this recipe by Betty Crocker

2.  Brownie Truffles


Use a food processor to crumble the brownies + fold into a delicious mixture.  Form into balls + refrigerate.

Follow this great recipe by Frugal Family Home

3. Brownie Rum Balls


Crush the brownies in a food processor (or by hand), toss it all in a big bowl + add just enough rum to make it pliable.  Roll the balls in some cocoa powder and/or powdered sugar, and refrigerate.

Or follow this recipe via AllRecipes

4.  Brownie Topping


 Crumble the brownies by hand or by using a food processor + use as a topping for your ice cream, yogurt, etc.

Hope this helps!


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