My Name is Rebecca + I Like Too Many Things!

I created The Black Rebecca as a way to share my interests and what I thought made me different, but even in my own forum, sometimes I feel afraid of being viewed as “all over the place”.  I love interior design, writing, photography, graphic design, music, advertising, cooking, comedy, public speaking, traveling and the list can go on + on. Even now as a 30-year-old woman I still find difficulty in answering the question, “What do you do?”

In a simple answer, Whatever I like.

And it’s hard to have that answer in a world of absolutes; we’re all supposed to know what we want to do forever, after all. But what happens when you don’t? Depression, that’s what. And a lot of anxiety. Because by nature you begin comparing yourself to others that were able to “get it,” and somehow something is wrong with you because you still don’t. It’s been a serious struggle. Beating myself up because I’m a creative at heart + I’ve always been fearful of limiting myself. I know I wasn’t put on this earth to hold one title; this I know.

But how would I be able to portray this aspect about myself without being judged? In a site that was dedicated to me, and creating a space where other women (and men) that were “Black Rebeccas” could unite to share similar interests such as being cheap, cooking, home design, music, events + more.  A place that was dedicated to multipotentialites such as myself.  And even when I may appear scatterbrained at times, just know that I’m just uncovering another layer of The Black Rebecca.

So glad that you’re joining me on this never-ending discovery!


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