#WouldYouTry: ManServants.co

The other day I was browsing through Instagram + came across the page for ManServantsTheir slogan: If you hate your friend, get her a stripper.  If you love your friend, get her a ManServant.  Anyone who knows me knows that I hate male strippers.  I hate how sweaty they are, all that gyrating, and don’t even get me started on the outfits!  So when I saw that there was a company catering to my crowd, I had to find out more about the service.

A ManServant isn’t your run of the mill Chip + Dale dancer type, he’s a gentleman who treats you like a queen…for however long you’ve booked him.  You can book one for events such as bachelorette parties, summer soirees, girl’s night outs, and even send one to your office.  Hiring a ManServant is a bespoke experience so he can be booked for all different occasions!

  Here’s the perks of hiring a ManServant:

+ You can name him. That’s right.  He will answer to whatever name you give him.  Whether you name him Alfred or Sexual Chocolate, he’s obliged to respond.

+ He’s always dressed to the nines.  Standard attire for a ManServant is a signature suit + a pocket square.  He’s a classy gentleman.

+ You can customize him. You’re not just choosing his name, but also what duties he bestows upon you.  Whether you’re seeking the James Bond, musician, or butler type, they’ve got you covered.

+ His conduct. He comes equipped with the ManServants Code of Chivalry, so he treats you like the queen that you are.

+ His duties. ManServants standard service includes waiting on you hand + foot, serving drinks, acting as a bodyguard, taking photos, cleaning up your hot mess + of course giving you round-the-clock compliments.

+ Add-ons. You can opt to give him an accent, make him musical, have him recite a dramatic reading, fulfill your Rom-Com daydream + more!


ManServants are only available in California in the SF/Bay, LA/Palm Springs areas + at both Gansevoort Hotel locations in NYC.

Now I bet you’re wondering the obvious question.  How much does this cost?

I was honestly surprised at the pricing.  I think the company does a good job of branding themselves as the anti-stripper service + definitely makes you feel like you’ll receive a luxury experience, so I was expecting it to be more pricey.  You can book just one, a duo, or a flock of ManServants for an event!


SF/Bay Area (CA):

1 ManServant- $125/hour + 3% processing fee

Double Team (2 ManServants)- $250/hour

LA/Palm Springs (CA):

1 ManServant- $100/hour + 3% processing fee

Double Team (2 ManServants)- $200/hour

Gansevoort Hotels- Meatpacking District/Park Avenue (NYC):

1 ManServant- $100/hour

Don’t want to hire a ManServant, but want some of the perks?  Send a friend a ManGram, a virtual greeting card complete with a personalized message, a sexy wink + a smile.  Or opt for the #InstaLover, a month of likes + comments posted to all of your Instagram photos from your ManServant.

Ready to be showered with adoration?  Visit ManServants.co to book your experience today!

I want to hear from you!  Is this a service you would try? 


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