Craigslist Find By Request: Queen Headboard

I love when my readers commission me to find pieces for them!

Here’s a recent request I received:

Hey my Craigslist Guru, could you find me a queen headboard in the Boston or Manchester, NH area for under $100?

Angenette, NH

She asked + I delivered!  Here are 4 options that met her requirements for both size + budget!

Option #1: $100


Option #2: $50


Option #3: $100


Option #4: $45


So curious to see which one she’ll choose!

Need help finding a piece for your home?  Ask TBR for a chance to be featured!


One thought on “Craigslist Find By Request: Queen Headboard

  1. Ashley says:

    Those are great finds! I need to commission you to find me a floor length mirror for my apartment!! And when it is time for me to go back overseas… the list in my head is endless. Great job girl!!


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