Budget Bride Guide: DIY Decor 

This past Saturday I had the honor of being a wedding coordinator + planner for my good friend’s wedding.  After months of planning it was great to see all of my hard work come together.  Because the couple was on a budget, as most brides are, we found many ways to cut costs without sacrificing style or elegance.

Here are a 5 easy DIYs that you can try on your wedding day to save on expenses:

1) Get Wholesale Flowers

Have a truck or van?  Pre-design your centerpieces to save time on set-up at your venue.

One of the areas that we were really able to save was on flowers.  Depending on your centerpiece choice, it can easily run you $50+ per table for your design.

Research local wholesale flower shops in your area, which stores such as Harris Teeter, Whole Foods + more get their flowers from.  You can get bunches of baby’s breath for as low as $1.00, hydrangeas for $2.00 + many other rock-bottom deals!

2) Choose a Non-Traditional Cake

My couple opted for a brunch reception, which meant that we needed to create an atmosphere that was elegant, but still casual.  It also meant that we were able to play around with our cake options.  I mentioned the idea of a donut hole cake + they fell in love.  After loving too many flavors at District Doughnut, we created a donut tower.  All of the donuts, including the stand rental, cost the couple less than $300.

Be sure to ask your donut shop if they have stands for rent.  Save time on finding a stand on your own.

3) Create Your Own Backdrop

Try creating your own back drop!  Since this was an April wedding we asked the church to borrow the cross that they normally use for Easter.  It was free and created a beautiful focal point at the alter.

First we used artificial flowers from Michael’s to create the design:


Creating it first made it easier to attach to the cross the day before the wedding.  We also added fresh baby’s breath + hydrangeas to enhance the design.

Here was how it looked the day of the wedding.  Just fab!

4) DIY Bouquet

My bride wanted a brooch bouquet, and her mother delivered!  This bouquet is made up of a collection of brooches, tulle + other trinkets to create a vintage, glam look!

Read my tutorial to make one for your special day!

5)  Get Designing!

I helped my bride save money by designing everything for the reception in-house.  I love design so this was one of my favorite parts (besides the decor).

Table Numbers:

Use your wedding’s theme as inspiration for your table numbers.  Since my couple had a navy chevron scheme I kept the table numbers consistent.  I made sure to make the type big enough so guests could easily find their seats.

Flavor Cards:

Since we had a donut tower, I created cards so guests would know the flavors of each option.  I designed the cards as a business card size and used my glue gun to attach toothpicks to the back.  This made it easy to simply stick it into the donuts.  Plus it gave it a nice touch!

A few outtakes from the wedding:


We put baby’s breath in tall vases & wrapped them with tulle to create this look.


My first wedding was a success!  I look forward to working with more couples in the future!


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