Product Review: Birthed by Bennie + Trish

These days it seems like everyone and their mama has a natural product line.  They’re everywhere! So when my friend, Aaliyah, told me about her new venture, Birthed by Bennie + Trish, I was ready to lump it with the bunch.

However, I tried the products first hand + I can tell you that Bennie + Trish is not your average natural product line.  It’s really about promoting a healthy lifestyle, beginning with your skin.


Birthed was born out of a desire for all-natural, gentle soap that wasn’t too complicated.  Fashion stylist by trade, Aaliyah Taylor has worked on projects such as Paternity Court and Apollo Live! + with celebrity clientele such as Patti Labelle, T.I + more!  She says: “I love fashion…and I think it’s very fashionable to be healthy.”

What fashionista can’t relate to that sentiment?  Now let’s get into these fab products!


First, I tried the Coconut Palm Sugar Scrub:


Coconut Palm Sugar Scrub, $25

She recommended this for my dry feet!  Running around in heels is taxing on my soles + this product helped to remove my dead skin in between my pedicure visits.  It worked like a charm!  I literally leave it in my shower now just to restore my feet after a long day!

Next up was the Coconut Shea Body Souffle:


Coconut Shea Body Souffle, $25

This product combines shea butter + organic virgin coconut oil to moisturize and soothe skin. It was a perfect product to use after the Sugar Scrub to restore my dry skin to its healthy, glowing state again.

Lastly I tried the 50/50 Bar Soap:


50/50 Bar Soap, $7.50

To be honest I’m not a huge fan of bar soap. I prefer using body wash while showering.  However, because of the coconut oil + shea butter in this soap, it was very moisturizing.  Plus, it wasn’t too harsh for my sensitive skin.  My skin breaks out so easily!  I love that this product also helps with eczema, which I’m sure some of my readers may be suffering from.

Overall I LOVED the product.  Not because she’s a personal friend of mine, but because I really stand behind Birthed’s mission.  Plus the packaging is sooo cute!

Don’t trust my review?  Start off with a Spa Set which lets you try 3 products (Coconut Shea Body Souffle, Healing Salt + Pepper Scrub, 50/50 Bar Soap) at one time.


Spa Set, $48

Visit to try their products today.  PLUS save 20% off your order of $30 or more + get FREE shipping using the code TBR.


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