Why I Craigslist My Life

As you may have noticed, I have an obsession love affair with Craigslist.  Truly, it started years ago when I was only 18.  I’m 29 now so we’ve had a thing going for some time now.

I never imagined that a brief introduction to the site almost 10 years ago would lead to a lifestyle choice that I’m happy to have adopted at an early age.

A friend of mine first told me about the site when I was looking for jobs after high school.  I went on the site perusing through job listings perfectly categorized by field, without the hassle of dealing with sites such as Career Builder or Hot Jobs.  I was able to reach HR Departments directly.  It was there that I found my first ‘real’ job that happened to be less than 5 minutes from my home.


Purchased from Craigslist for $5!

However, I didn’t just stop at jobs.  Throughout the years I’ve gone on Craigslist to find my very first car, which happened to be a 2-door Dodge Avenger complete with leather interior, a sun roof, fully loaded + only cost me $2,000 from a dealership!

I’ve also used the site to post model calls, look for interns, find short-term gigs + more!  I literally Craigslist my life!

My biggest Craigslist snag has to be my 1-bedroom condo in DC.  After searching all around DC + MD for a suitable new home to purchase, I went to my trusty go-to to see if I could find anything.  I found a listing that happened to be a foreclosure, but was an amazing deal.  However, the listing only had one picture, the stove.  Yikes!


Dining room set purchased from Craigslist for $40!

Determined, I set up a showing with my realtor to see that the place was in fabulous condition!  And the best part is that it was only listed for $70,000!  If you’ve ever tried to buy real estate in DC you know that places could run you upwards of $500,000 + higher!  I ended up negotiating a price of $65,000 (I love a deal) + because the foreclosure was sitting for a year the bank paid all of my closing costs + I got enough money back at the table to buy down my interest rate even lower!

After moving in I went back on Craigslist to find that I could even get low-cost home furnishings.  After finding so many fabulous pieces (some that I could use, some that I couldn’t) I decided to start a site where I could show my Craigslist Finds of the Day to share my fab finds with others.


Fab finds from theblackrebecca.com

Now that you know how my obsession started, are you ready to Craigslist your life?

Need help navigating your way through Craigslist?  Send me an email at theblackrebeccadc@gmail for assistance.


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