Cheap Day Trip Idea: The Maury Show Live

My boyfriend and I are always going on random adventures, so when he told me he applied for tickets to go see The Maury Show live–I was all in!  My ratchet side LOVES Maury!

He got word back about a month later and we were given the time + date for our filming.  The show takes place in Stamford, CT so the first thing we had to do was figure out our travel arrangements from DC.

I instantly went into planning mode.

Stamford, CT is about an hour or so away from NYC, so I decided that our best option was to take a bus up to NYC + get to the studio from there.  We bought 2 tickets from Eastern Travel (the infamous China bus) for $45 each.

After doing some research we found out that The Maury Show actually has a FREE shuttle that transports you from Times Square to Stamford.

The ride was about 1 hour + 10 minutes, and the bus was really comfy.  Not everyone could stay awake during the ride (lol).

I was way too excited to sleep!

10997803_10103533064641988_276081313425765649_nWhen we got to the studio we found out that we would be filming 1 lie detector + 2 paternity test episodes!  I was surprised by how lively they were at the entrance.  They had a DJ playing music, a hype man + more to keep guests entertained!

The set looked exactly how it does on TV.  Maury’s seat was to the left and they would add or subtract the number of chairs based on the amount of guests coming out.

Before the taping one of the producers came out to get the crowd HYPE!  They give you a series of scenarios to which you are supposed to react by saying “Boooooooo,” “Awwwww,” “Ooooooooooo,” or pretty much anything you want, but just make sure it’s LOUD! By the end of all 3 episodes my voice was sore!

Before any of the filming begins Maury comes out with his dog, Buster, who does a bunch of cute tricks for the treats that are in Maury’s pockets.  It really made you feel very relaxed.  Like you were able to get a glimpse into Maury the individual, not Maury the ratchet talk show host.


The fun begins when the guests actually begin coming out.  Now you put all of your ‘boooos’, ‘oooooos’ + ‘awwwws’ into practice.  Trust me, it’s just as comical being there live as it watching it on TV.  Guests ran off the stage to the back when they found out, “You are NOT the father.”  And the men did back flips + more to celebrate.  Hilarious!

We filmed 2 episodes + took a break for lunch.  They fed us FREE pizza and gave away free gifts to guests.  There was a lot more dancing + entertainment.  People lined up to take pics at the step + repeat, because this was the closest we’d actually get to taking a pic with cardboard Maury.

After the break we went back into the studio to film the last episode.  It was a paternity episode so I loaded up on water to get my voice ready to yell + join in on the fun.

Everything wrapped up by 1:45pm so we hopped back on the FREE shuttle back to NYC.  Hands down one of the best day trips I’ve taken in a while + only $90!

Want to join in on the Maury fun?  Get your tickets here.


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