How To: Create a FREE Fashion Emergency Kit

A year ago I was invited to lunch at my former boss’s house.  It was summertime so I wore a strapless sundress with a back zipper.  I’m a little busty now so the dress fit a little differently than it had years ago.

I took a trip to the bathroom to pull up the top of my dress and the zipper popped!!

We’ve all been there.  You’re having a night on the town and you get a run in your tights.  Or your zipper breaks and you don’t have any safety pins, like me.  Or worse, your heel breaks.

This past weekend I had the honor of hosting a ‘Beauty on a Budget’ workshop for the USO’s Project Cinderella event.  It’s an event where military wives can learn beauty + fashion tips, shop a FREE dress boutique, and get pampered.

I’ve taught the workshop with my sister for 3 years, but this year on top of sharing budget fashion secrets, we taught the women how to create their own fashion emergency kits when attending galas or events, and even for everyday use!  All of these items can even fit into that itty-bitty clutch of yours and will save you up to $24 from brands such as Sephora or CVS.

Here’s what you’ll need to create your kit (and why):

+ 5 Bobbin Pins

When I got my start in the beauty industry, my mentor told me, “If you have 5 bobbin pins, you have a new hairstyle.”  It’s definitely been tried + true.  Transition those limp curls into an up-do, bun or pompadour.  Or look like a million bucks during your walk of shame back home in the morning.

+ Clear Polish

This has been a secret since the beginning of time.  Got a run in your stockings?  Dab a little clear polish on it and stop it in its tracks.

+ Mini Lint Roller

Roll out that pet hair + lint from your garment(s).

+ Undergarment Tape

Wearing a deep v-neck dress?  Protect yourself from a ‘nip slip’ with undergarment tape.  It’s basically double-sided tape for your body.  But it’s not just for your boobies.  Use it to keep your sleeves or hemlines laying flat, as well.

+ Mending Kit

You know those mini needle + thread kits they put in your hotel room?  Stash them + add to your kit. Very compact + easily slides into a small bag.

+ Q-Tips

Mascara running?  Dab out those clumps without ruining your makeup.  Or use it to apply lipstick/lipgloss if your tube is running low.

+ Mini Perfume

Don’t ditch those perfume samples you get at the counter!  Store them on your vanity + pop them into your clutch before leaving.  You’ll never lose your scent throughout the evening.

+ Nail File

Now you won’t have to fear when that nail breaks.

+ Hair Tie

If you’re not a guru with the bobbin pins, this is the next best thing.

+ Comb

How else are you going to keep your hair in check?

+ Band-aid

For those unexpected boo-boos.

+ Safety Pin

Patch up your broken fly, your ripped blouse or whatever fashion disaster you’re experiencing.

Never be mortified again!


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