Transformation Tuesday: My Dining Room Makeover

It’s no secret that I love Craigslist.  When I first moved into my place I renovated my home with budget items from Pier 1, Ikea, Marshall’s, Ross and of course, Craigslist!

I’ve never spent over $600 to furnish my whole place, mainly because I love to refresh my pieces often.  So when I did a big renovation over the summer I jumped at the chance to buy new furniture + re-glam my dining room.

I snagged my original dining room set from Craigslist for just $40 for the table AND all four chairs!  That it made it easy to let it go + replace it with something else.  Plus I resold it on Craigslist for $120–talk about a profit!


Dark wood dining set (table+ 4 chairs)- Craigslist, $40

Purple tray- TJ Maxx, $5

Heavy brass tray- Thrifted, $5

Flower-patterned chair- AJ Wright, $20

3 Magazine mirrors- Marshalls, $15/each

3 Vogue pictures- NY street vendor, $5/each

Expedit Bookcase- Ikea, $35

Although I liked my original dining room decor, I’m IN LOVE with how it looks now!


CB2 Table + chairs- Craiglist, $250 (Retail $716.00)

Pendant light- Ikea, $50

Pewter tray table-, $40

Candles-, FREE

Before I started my makeover I scoured Craigslist to find a new dining room table set.  I wanted to go for a round table this time around because they take up less space.  I wanted my dining room to feel more open.

I ended up spotting this CB2 table + Orbit chairs in a listing, but the chairs were already claimed.  The seller offered to give me the table, but I had my heart set on those chairs!  Luckily for me, the other party backed out + I was able to get both the table AND all 4 chairs for only $250.  The chairs alone cost $129 a piece so it was a steal!

I actually snagged these glitter apples from The Christmas Tree Shoppe for $1.99 a piece!  I like glitzy things so these were a perfect fit.

Originally I had track lighting in my dining room, so I updated the space with a new fixture from Ikea.  They have two sizes in this light fixture so you have to make sure you evaluate your space before selecting your option.  The other one is HUGE!  Not to mention I had to put every paper flower on manually, so it’s pretty time consuming.

It even makes pretty flowers on the ceiling when the light is on.

These mirrors are actually made of binded magazines.  I found them at Marshall’s + fell in love.  However, I had to go to 3 different stores to get a whole set.  I’m willing to go the extra mile to complete a look!

It’s now one of my favorite rooms in my home!

I’ll be sure to share more of my home makeovers with you all!


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