Happy Hour at Home: Melon Ball Shots

I absolutely love Midori Melon Liqueur!  There’s so many shots + cocktails that you can make using the liqueur from Tokyo Teas, Melon Margaritas, Midori Sours + more.

For today’s Thirsty Thursday ‘Happy Hour at Home’ series I’m sharing a recipe for a Melon Ball shot.

It’s really easy to make + only takes 3 simple ingredients.


+ Absolut Vodka (or your vodka of choice)

+ Pineapple Juice

+ Midori Melon Liqueur


1) Fill your shaker with ice.

2) Pour in 1/4 oz Absolut vodka, 1/4 oz Melon Liqueur + 1/4 oz pineapple juice.

3) Strain + pour into a shot or shooter glass.

4) Toast + enjoy with friends!


Instead of making a shot (or shooter), use these ingredients to create these other delicious libations:

Melon Ball cocktail

Melon Martini

Drink Responsibly!


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