Budget Bride Guide: Not Your Average Wedding Bouquet

When I first started working with my bride she didn’t want to use any real flowers in her wedding.  Flowers tend to be very pricey (depending on which ones you use) and she didn’t want the cost to eat into her set budget.  Very understandable.  After a close friend of hers began working at a floral shop this problem was solved, but she still didn’t want to carry a traditional floral bouquet for her ceremony.

She’s been going Pinterest crazy, as most brides do, and fell in love with the idea of a brooch bouquet.  After pinning myself, I came across a ton of unconventional bouquets that are great DIYs for the budget-conscious bride.  Plus it gives your guests a feel for your personality + creativity!

Here are my Top 8 favorites:


1) Brooch Bouquet

This is a perfect option for a vintage-inspired wedding.  Or for the bride who’s seeking a bit of glam in her hands.  It takes about 50-60 brooches to create this bouquet + takes bit of time to acquire them.  My bride found a lot of her brooches from an Etsy seller.  You can also scour your local thrift stores, consignment shops, the Salvation Army or your grandma’s collection!

These are all of the brooches my bride gathered so far.

What it looks like all put together!

brooch1Make your own with this easy tutorial (via Instructables).


2) Ornament/Bulb Bouquet (via Little House Charming)

I actually love this idea!  This is perfect for the winter bride who’s looking for a bit of shine.  Instead of putting everything away after you break down that Christmas tree, keep a few ornaments out for your wedding ceremony.  Can easily be customized based on your wedding colors!


3) Feather Fan (via The Bijou Bride)

I think in my past life I was around during the Marie Antoinette era.  The gaudiness, the textures, the feathers.  I’m in love! This would also be perfect for a Roaring 20s themed wedding.  You can even make smaller options to use as boutonnieres for your groomsmen.


4) Cotton Candy Bouquet (via Burnetts Boards)

It’s big, pink + edible.  Need I say more?


5) Feather Bouquet

This is really simple to make + can be created with a quick trip to Michael’s, JoAnn’s or G Street Fabrics.  Don’t be afraid to play around with some colored feathers too!


6) Cotton Ball Bouquet (via Style Me Pretty)

This is a super creative idea + can easily be executed.  Now you have another use for those cotton balls in your medicine cabinet!


7) Fruit or Vegetable Bouquet (via The Antique Door)

This is a great way to incorporate your love of fruits + veggies into your wedding theme.  Add pops of color with lemons, limes, artichokes, strawberries + more!  You can also use them for centerpieces to cut down on floral costs.


8) Seashell Bouquet (via Wedding Bee)

Having a beach wedding?  Why not collect seashells + personalize your bouquet?  Making a seashell bouquet would be similar to creating the brooch bouquet.  Go on, bring shells (and sand) to the beach.

Visit back for more tips on saving in my Budget Bride Guide!


2 thoughts on “Budget Bride Guide: Not Your Average Wedding Bouquet

  1. Emily tomkins says:

    These are so beautiful! My mum is renewing her vows soon and we have been looking for somthing like this. Where can I buy somthing like this?


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