A Twist on an Original Recipe: Potato, Asparagus + Chicken Apple Sausage Hash

I love to cook + try new recipes.  However, in my household my boyfriend is on breakfast duty. It’s mainly because I’m not a morning person…at all!  Since I work from home I’ve been trying to get better about sharing in the breakfast-making duties.

I’ve been following The Kitchenista Diaries for a while now, and in between salivating at her food pics and wishing she was my personal chef, I’ve been testing out some of her recipes.  I decided to give her Red Potato, Asparagus, + Bacon Hash a try.

Photo via TheKitchenista Instagram

I’m horrible at following recipes.  I use them as inspiration + create the recipe with my own twist.  Naturally I used all of the opposite ingredients than what she suggested.  So here is my rendition of The Kitchenista’s spread:


+ 6 white potatoes, peeled & chopped

+ 1 onion, chopped

+ 2 cloves of garlic, chopped

+ 4-6 asparagus spears, chopped

+ 2 eggs

+ 1 gala apple

+ 4 chicken sausage links

+ 2 tbsp olive oil


1) Turn the stove on medium heat + pour 2 tbsp of olive oil in a skillet pan.

2) Once the oil is hot, saute onions, apples, asparagus + garlic.

3) Add potatoes + stir.  Lower heat + place a lid on the pan.  Let cook until potatoes soften.

4) In another pan, begin cooking the sausage.  My sausage was thick so it took a little longer to cook through.  If you substitute smaller pork or turkey sausage links your cooking time will be shorter.  Remove from heat when done.

5) Continue cooking potatoes + let them brown.  Check often to make sure they don’t burn.  This is usually when I add in my seasonings.  I tend to go crazy with spices, but you’re always safe with salt, pepper + adobo for flavor.

6) Place a tsp of olive oil or butter in another pan and crack eggs.  Fry them over easy, medium or hard (your preference).  My boyfriend doesn’t like runny eggs so I fried his hard.  Add on top of potato hash.

7) Plate your meal + enjoy!

Here is what my hash looked like when it was finished.  I was very happy with the turn out!

 I served my meal with a mimosa + hot buttered biscuits.

I’m working on my food pics (lol), but be sure to come back for more recipes!


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