A DIY For the Traveling Soul

I think I’ve passed on the DIY bug to my friends + family!  My sis is redecorating her home and has been sending me updates of her progress.  She is drawn to vintage pieces, but also loves to incorporate her love of traveling into her home.  Her design aesthetic is called Graceful Rustic, which is a combination of country, vintage + worldly elements.

After going to stores such as Home Goods, Marshall’s, Ross + more, she spotted a trunk coffee table that she thought would be perfect.  The $129.99 price tag, however, wasn’t.

I remembered that she had a vintage suitcase at home and suggested that she recreate the coffee table herself.  So here’s an easy DIY for the traveler in you!


What you’ll need:

+ vintage suitcase

+ small luggage rack

+ spray paint

+ drop cloth

+ glue gun or adhesive


First, you will need to get your luggage rack prepared for use.  My sis found a small luggage rack at a consignment store so she needed to spray paint it first before putting the table together.

IMG_5401She used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray, which includes primer too.  This definitely helped to save time on spray painting.

IMG_5402Lay down your drop cloth and apply an even coat of spray paint all over the luggage rack.


Next you will need to prepare you trunk. Unless your trunk is in pristine condition from the thrift store, you will need to do a bit of cleaning to get it shiny + new again.  You want your piece to look as professional as possible.


Lastly, lay your trunk on top of the luggage rack.  It will sit perfectly on the rack, but if you want it to be more secure apply a bit of glue or adhesive on the bottom of the trunk to adhere to the rack.


All done!  She added some vintage travel books, a lantern + a magnifying glass to complete her traveler’s look.


All items used were less than $40.

Quick, easy + without the $129.99 price tag!


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