Budget Bride Guide | Wedding Stationary

This was initially supposed to be one post, but I decided to make it a guide instead.  That way I’ll be able to share more budget-friendly secrets for my TBR insiders.

I’m planning my good friend Brooke’s wedding, so this is a perfect time to share my tips on planning an ultra-fab wedding on a dime!

To begin my guide, I’m sharing ways to save money on wedding stationary.  This includes your invitation, reception card + RSVP card.  Also, your Save the Dates!  I started the planning process after the Save-the-Date deadline, which is typically sent out 6-8 months prior to your wedding.  Therefore, we jumped right into designing all of the wedding stationary which would be sent out earlier in lieu of Save-the-Dates.

+ Invitations:

Their wedding colors are navy, white + gold, so we decided to give them a chevron theme for their stationary.


They originally wanted foil around the border, but foil is EXPENSIVE!  If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, stay away from it.  Instead, opt for a Spot UV Coating or Akuafoil, which keeps your printing cost down.

+ Paper

I’m all about paper quality.  Most brides choose natural or linen paper, which gives your stationary a bit of elegance.  To me, your invitation is the show stopper.  Use a high-quality paper such as natural or 100 lb linen, and print your reception and RSVP cards on a slightly inexpensive option such as Uncoated paper. As long as you stick with a 14PT or 16PT thickness, you’re fine.  Feels just as great + runs much cheaper!

Reception card design:


+ RSVP Card:

One of the costs that brides-to-be don’t factor in is the cost of postage for their Save-the-Dates + wedding stationary.  Postage can really tear into your budget when sending out wedding materials.  Instead of being surprised when you head to the post office to mail off those pretty invites, here’s a tip to help you save:

Make your Save-the-Dates + RSVP card a postcard!


It is the responsibility of the couple to include postage for RSVP cards to be sent back, so fees can certainly start racking up!  Postcards are $0.34 cents to mail, while a normal letter cost $0.49 cents.


$0.15 cents may not seem like a lot, but if you’re inviting 100+ guests, it can quickly get pricey.


Plus, it’s less work for your guests to just drop in the mail when they’re ready.  Be sure to include the deadline for RSVPS!

Stay tuned for more tips on planning a wedding on a budget!


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