Reno Addict | D&M Studio Part I

I’m convinced my boyfriend and I are rehab addicts.  We’ve been dating for almost two years and have undergone 3 renovation projects together.  According to HGTV renovations tear couples apart, but they seem to make us stronger!

Our arrangement is great.  I choose all of the design elements and come up with the vision, and he’s the muscle to carry all of the supplies.  On top of tackling my bedroom re-do project, we’ve also been transforming an old room in his house into a studio space.  He’s an IT Project Manager by day and moonlights as a recording engineer, so I was happy to mix my love of designing with his love of music!

First, we met with our go-to contractor, Mr. Earl, to discuss our needs.  We decided to make the old closet in the room the recording booth.  This meant that a bit of demolition needed to be done.




After the closet was fully removed it was time to add the new frame.  Mr. Earl extended out the closet to make the booth more spacious.


Next we had to add insulation and dry wall to create the booth.


Our biggest issue was the color of the room.  Everything was blue.  Blue walls, blue ceilings, blue floor boards, blue window sills…yikes!  We took a trip to Sherwin Williams, my favorite paint store, and selected a few swatches.



The paint was definitely coming together.  I decided to keep white trim all around so we repainted all of the window sills, the ceiling and the new door frame.  We also got rid of the old ceiling fan + updated the space with track lighting from Ikea for a modern look.

IMG_5200 My favorite part of the project was discovering that underneath the dated carpet was beautiful hardwood flooring!  Originally, Durdy wanted to remove the blue floor boards and purchase new white ones, but I suggested we paint them, which saved money and came out fabulously!IMG_5220We added quarter round, which cost about $5 per 91″ and made the space look like it had crown molding.  The best part is that it was a cheap fix + we got to use those old floor boards that were just going to end up in the trash!



Finished look!



Next we installed a wooden door so artists could enter/exit the booth.  I’m thinking about staining it to match the floors.


Mr. Earl hard at work:



I’m so excited about how everything is turning out!








IMG_5214Almost done.  Now to scour my go-to, Craigslist, for furniture and decor–my favorite part!

IMG_5216My boyfriend, Ben, in the recording booth.

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