Let There Be Light!

I’ve lived in my condo in DC for almost 5 years. My place was once an apartment building so before selling to buyers all of the units were gutted and renovated with stainless steel appliances, crown molding, track lighting, and all of these other fancy fixings. But…no overhead lighting in my bedroom!

I’m all for mood lighting, but doing your makeup in a poorly lit room is no bueno. I’ve always wanted to get the electrical work done to install a chandelier so when Mr. Earl, my contractor, called about my bedroom re-do I added it to the list.

First, he had to cut a hole in my light switch and at the top of the ceiling to run the wiring to the middle of the room. I’m extremely anal about placement so I made sure we measured to have my new lighting perfectly centered.


Now that the wiring was done we needed to add a light fixture.  I’ve had my eye on a handmade white West Elm Capiz Round Pendant chandelier since the summer, but didn’t want to pay the $149 price tag.  I’m too cheap!


West Elm Capiz Round Chandelier- $149

I went to my trusty go-to, Craigslist, to see if anyone posted a similar chandelier for sale.  I searched their ‘For Sale’ section and found the light posted for $75–half the price.  After negotiations the seller agreed to take TWENTY DOLLARS for the light!  What a steal!

When I went to pick up the item the seller changed her mind and told me that I could take it for FREE!


West Elm light (gently used) from Craigslist- FREE!

Of course I took the light home to install ASAP.  When installing you have to decide how low you want the light to hang.  Because the tiers on the chandelier hang pretty low, it was important to position it so I wouldn’t bump into it every time I got in/out of bed.


I’m in love with the outcome!




Stay tuned for more updates on my bedroom renovation!


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